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Stock Market Courses

We provide live trading lessons to our students with 24×7 trade support.

Live Trade Support

Our experts provide live trade support with better ROI rate.

Analysis Of Investments

Analysis of your prior investments and new suggestions will be provided by our experts.

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Hire experts from amigotrades for your investments and course.

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No Investment Too Big Or Too Small

Yes! No investment is too big or too small. We don’t care who you are, where are you from; all we care is are you ready to invest or not. You can invest a thousand dollars or just ten dollars. It’s just a matter of your skills whether you can convert your dollars into profit or loss. Amigotrades helps you understand how and when you should invest your money. 







Although notes would be provided to you for everything, still some points are discussed here that we’re being regularly asked.
Sectors to Invest-There are certain sectors which can give better returns than any other sector in the short term.
Strategies-It will be taught how to build effective strategies that could give consistent profit from the investments.
Indicators-Combination of indicators would be provided to help in a result-oriented way.

And many more at just INR 799


Technical analysis-Where to invest in the long run is the prime concern for most of the people and we’ve made this selection easy in our detailed course.
Strategies-It will be taught how to build effective strategies that could give consistent profit from the investments.
Trading Discipline-Discipline in every skill is the reason for success. We will help you develop and maintain that discipline in your trading journey.

And many more at just INR 799


Less Risk-For those who want to safely invest and generate greater profit rate.

Strategies-Such strategies have to be implemented which brings about the greatest profit and lowest risk. You will be introduced to such strategies and given good knowledge about them.
Technical Analysis-Technical analysis of the stock which enhances targeted profit and reduce risk.

And many more at just INR 799

We’ve Been Building For Years Now!

We’ve been doing this for years now. Started as advisors and investors, we have developed good skills and traits that a person needs to win the market. And now we decide to share what we’ve learnt from our experiences and hardships. So our doors are opened for everyone now who wants to learn to trade, who wants to invest their money and who needs live assistance during their trades in the market.

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Want To Trade With Us?

In our successful journey, we’ve come across people who already know how and where to invest money but due to some lack of confidence or environment, they haven’t taken the step which would create all the difference – separating them from the rest of the population. So for all those Braveheart and Daring people, we have some experts who would accompany you as a friend and as an assistant to the market trends.


We are frequently asked by our customers about what and how we do? So here’s a list of some frequently asked questions that may help you with your query. Feel free to contact us.

How long would it take to enter the stock market to enter after course completion ?

As soon as you finish your paper trading and all your paper trades show positive results, you can enter the market and earn independently.

What is the duration of the course ?

The course will last for 7 days which will include Strategies, Stock Selection, Indicators, Risk Management, Trading Psychology.

Are there any videos available to these courses?

No! Our classes include live classes delivered by our experts which contains proper doubt sessions and trading support in the live market.

I don't have any prior experience in the stock market, so can i also pursue this course?

Yes! This course includes basic notes to read, technical analysis and other major things. Moreover your any type of issue would be considered and handled by our experts individually.

Client Testimonials

“ I opted for Long Term Investing Course as advised to me by amigotrades’ experts and I’m seeing profitable results which I wasn’t expecting. Their staff is very supportive even now when I’ve completed my course a long ago, so if even today I ask a question I get answers with the same attention that I got at the beginning of my course. I wasn’t confident in the beginning when I entered the trading market but now I can trade and invest my money on my own without any support and assistance.”

Chandra Mohan Negi


“I didn’t know even a single term about the stock market when I contacted amigotrades. I did everything as their experts told me and today I’ve achieved a lot since the first day. I opted for the Intraday Course and have successfully made progress in the world of stock market. I would like to recommend this course to all those people who have just entered or are planning to enter the stock market. My best wishes are with you!”

-Software Developer

“ I didn’t have even a DEMAT account when I contacted amigotrades. They helped me open my account and guided me in every step. I opted for Swing Trading in the beginning and got great benefit from it. My fear of the market has completely disappeared now and I find myself confident enough to carry out some good trades on my own. All thanks to amigotrades! ”

Dheeraj Dobhal


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